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Beauty Wishlist Oct 2019

I'm bringing back my Beauty Wishlist every month! I love writing and creating these posts - it's a good log for me to see each month what products have caught my eye and have made their way onto my shopping list. It's been a while since I last wrote one of these posts, however you can be assured that behind the scenes there are a lot of beauty items that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Super Facialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

I've really been consciously trying to up my skincare game recently because I want to improve the condition of my skin. In my teens and early twenties I didn't really have a skincare routine, or take skincare in general very seriously. However, I'm beginning to understand more about my skin and skincare products in general and am very much taking a much more invested interest into it. In terms of makeup removal, I've been a fan of the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm for a few years now, but the Super Facialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil has really caught my eye lately and I'm very keen to try it! I've been wanting to incorporate some Vitamin C products into my routine for a while now, and I think this product would be a good place to start! I've heard lots of good praise for this product, so I'm excited to try it out and see what I think.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Strip To Scrub

While we're on the subject of skincare, this is a new product from Neutrogena. I struggle with blackheads all over my T-Zone - as annoying as it is, it's also very common! but I've not found a product yet which works well for me in terms of getting rid of them. I really like the sound and the concept of this product. As the name suggests, the product starts out as a pore strip with a spot fighting treatment within it. When the strip is mixed with water, it then turns into a scrub which is said to be gentle which works to remove and prevent blackheads. I'm really intrigued by this from Neutrogena and the price is reasonable too, so I definitely will be picking some of these up very soon!

GHD Air Hair Dryer

This one's actually a bit of a necessity for me, my current hair dryer is very close to going 'bang' on me judging by the noises it's making while I'm using it, so I've been looking around for a new hair dryer to replace it. From what I've seen in terms of reviews, this seems like a fairly decent hair dryer. There's a lot of people who have said that the condition of their hair seems extremely good after using the hair dryer, and it doesn't make a lot of noise while using it. I currently own a pair of GHD straighteners, and have been very impressed by the quality of them so I expect that the hair dryer will also be very impressive!

Nip + Fab X ASOS

If you're like me and you go through the 'New In' tab on the ASOS website pretty much everyday, you may have noticed that a lot of Christmas gift sets are starting to show up on there recently. ASOS have got a vast range of beauty products featured on there from some big brands including Nip + Fab. I've tried the Kale moisturiser from Nip + Fab and loved it! There's three gift sets from the Nip + Fab X ASOS collaboration which have caught my eye;

  • Nip + Fab X ASOS Exclusive Vitamin C Brightening Kit 
- Contains;

1 x Exfoliating Vitamin C Scrub 75ml 
1 x Vitamin C Fix Cleanser 145ml  
1 x Vitamin C Brightening Pads 60 pads

  • Nip + Fab X ASOS Exclusive Salicylic Saviours Kit 
- Contains; 

1 x Salicylic Fix Gel Cleanser 145ml 
1 x Salicylic Fix Concentrate 30ml 
1 x Salicylic Fix Facial Scrub 75ml

  • Nip + Fab X ASOS Exclusive Glycolic Glow Night Kit 
- Contains; 

1 x Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads: 60 pads 
1 x Glycolic Fix Extreme Bubble Mask: 23g 
1 x Glycolic Fix Extreme Scrub: 75ml

MoroccanOil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner 

This is a shampoo and conditioner I have previously used, and loved! The scent of the MoroccanOil products is my favourite, and they work well on my hair to ensure that my hair is left smooth and shiny. This is a spendy shampoo and conditioner, and as such is not one that I would ever purchase too often, or even use regularly. When I had this shampoo and conditioner set before I only ever used it as a treat! However that being said, I do definitely think it's well worth the investment purely for the effect it had on my hair.

Colorwow Dream Coat

I'm currently using a sample size of this product and I've been so impressed with it, that it's going onto my Wishlist for a full size! You spray this product onto sections of your hair and then blow dry, as this product only works once it has been heat activated. When your hair is dry, it is left so soft and shiny and is rid of any frizz. I've been amazed by the results on my hair after using this - I can't believe I had this little sample hanging around my my drawer for so long without having tried it!

Benefit Roller Liner

I've been a big fan of the Roller Lash mascara since the very moment it was released, and now there's a liquid liner which has been added to the range! I'm a fan of a winged liner - in fact, I can't do my makeup without doing a winged eye, so this product has definitely caught my eye. I've heard many good things about the Roller Liner, and having seen it being used - it looks a very good quality product.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 'Dancefloor Princess'

I couldn't do a Wishlist without including a bit of Charlotte Tilbury somewhere! The new Hot Lips 2 range just looks incredible, and I've been loving seeing all the new shades. One of my absolute favourites that I love the look of is the shade 'Dancefloor Princess'. This shade is a gorgeous light pink nude shade which is exactly the type that I would wear. It's a very wearable colour, and would suit any time of day or occasion.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I've seen so many people rave about how good this product is, and I love a good body cream so I'm in! Apparently the scent is lovely and very summery and the cream itself leaves your skin feeling amazing so I'm very invested in finding out how good it is for myself! Personally I just love the name of the product and that's given me enough amusement already!

That's all for my October Wishlist! Let me know what's on your Wishlist this month - feel free to comment below, you can also tweet me @CarrieFi_ or send me a message on I'd love to hear from you!

CarrieFi x

Friday, 18 October 2019

AD-GIFTED | Beauty Favourites October 2019

Why hello! After taking an extended hiatus from blogging, I'm finally back again and I'm kicking off with a Beauty Favourites post. There's lots and lots of beauty products that I'm really enjoying using lately and I'd love to share them with you. I think I've got a good mix of skincare, makeup and body care so, let's get into it!

Imperial Leather Marsh Mallow Shower Gel

I picked this up from Boots as I noticed it was only a £1 - Bargain! The reason why was that I saw a number of people on Instagram sharing photos of this product and I was always intrigued by it, I always thought it looked and sounded like it was going to be a gorgeous scent. I wasn't wrong! It's a very sweet scent, although I wouldn't necessarily say that it smells of marshmallows. Which isn't an issue for me, because I'm obsessed with the scent as it is! I find that it lathers up nicely and you don't need to use too much at all. It's by far the best shower gel that I've used for a long time and I'll be stocking up on some more straight away.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

I can't believe it took me so long to purchase and try this CC Cream! I've never used a CC Cream previously but I'd always wanted to, because day to day, I don't particularly want a heavy foundation on my face but I at least want a bit of coverage on my skin. I had seen so many rave reviews on the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, and after seeing the product on people's skin, I knew I had to try it. I'm using the shade 'Light' - when I purchased this, it was the back end of Summer and I still had a tan so I made sure that I bought a shade that was close to my natural skin tone so that as my tan's worn away it doesn't look out of place on my skin. I love the shade range of this, there's so many shades to choose from so you should be covered if you consider purchasing the CC Cream. The application went on absolutely fine for me, and it doesn't sit cakey on my skin thankfully! I feel that you really don't need a lot of the product on your skin to get a coverage -  I use 1-2 pumps on my face. I am thinking of doing a more detailed review of this product in the coming weeks - keep your eyes peeled!

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum

Earlier on this year I won a bundle of goodies from the Origins Plantscription range on the M&S Beauty PR Instagram page which was a lovely surprise! Origins is one of my favourite skincare brands, but I was yet to try any of the Plantscription products. I've only used two of the products I've received so far, but the serum is by far a favourite of mine. The scent is just gorgeous - it's not overpowering, and the actual serum itself feels really lovely on my skin when I apply it.  Again, this is something that I am planning to do a full in-depth post about, along with all of the other products I've got from the range very soon!

Nivea Mango Shine Lip Balm (GIFTED)

I feel very lucky and honoured to be part of the Nivea Family and working alongside Nivea. As part of my partnership, I receive some lovely products to try out. Recently, I received a package which included the Mango Shine Lip Balm and I've been using this over the last couple of months. I'm a big fan of Mango as it is, so a Mango scented lip balm is completely up my street! As with all of the Nivea lip balms, this is so hydrating on my lips and helps to keep sore chapped lips at bay, especially as it's now Autumn! I've found that my lips are getting so dry now, so this has been a relief for me and stops my lips from being so dry and sore. This lip balm also gives a nice shine to my lips too, so it's perfect for giving them a glossy look while they are being cared for!

Nivea Dry Fresh Anti Perspirant (GIFTED)

I've been using the Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti Perspirant for YEARS! I've never found another Anti Perspirant that's challenged my favouritism for that - until I tried the new Dry Fresh Anti Perspirant. The scent of this is my absolute favourite, and I love that I can still catch a bit of that scent on me throughout the day. I've had absolutely no issues with the lasting power of this, I feel dry and fresh all day long with only one application. Another important point to make, there's no powder fallout from using this Anti Perspirant. No worries from me about any dreaded white mark stains under my arms! I would definitely repurchase this, and the Pearl and Beauty too, because I love that equally!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

This was a little sample I received in a Beauty Advent Calendar but hadn't got around to using until recently, and I was pleasantly surprised! I wasn't too sure if this was going to be a fragrance that I was going to like, but I've found myself reaching for this most days. I always say that the best way to try products is to try a sample first and then if you discover that you love it, you won't mind paying the price for the full size version -  especially if the product is expensive. Back onto the fragrance, I've found that the scent lasts so long during the day, and it's just a really fresh floral scent that's perfect for the day time. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips (Kim K W)

So a little while back, I decided to treat myself to a mini pack of three Hot Lips Lipsticks. There was three shades in the pack; Carina's Love, Secret Salma and my absolute favourite - Kim K W. This shade is a light nude colour and is very creamy in texture. I am absolutely obsessed with nude shades when it comes to lipsticks, I just think day to day they're so wearable. This shade in particular I love because it reminds me of my favourite MAC lipstick - Creme D'Nude which is also a similar nude shade. Now I've tried this out and I'm happy with the shade, I will go on confidently to buy a full size version, not minding the price tag too much because I know I love it!

Essie Apricot Nail & Cuticle Oil

Last but not least for this months favourites instalment, I've been loving using my Essie Nail & Cuticle Oil. Firstly the Apricot scent is heavenly! Even long after application, my nails still have that Apricot scent to them which is really lovely. In regards to the product itself, I find that this oil is extremely nourishing to my nails and cuticles, and had helped massively to increase their strength since I have begun using this. I struggled with my nails due to constant breakages, but that seems to have reduced since I have been using the oil on a daily basis. I have also found that my nails have grown longer and much quicker than they normally would too. This is an oil I would recommend using, especially now we are in the colder months! I'll be sure to pick some more up when I have finished using my current one!

What beauty products have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments below. You can also tweet me @CarrieFi_ or send me a message on I'd love to hear from you!

CarrieFi x

*This post contains gifted items from Nivea as part of my involvement in the #NiveaFamily

Monday, 25 March 2019

AD | How I Pamper My Skin

This post contains gifted products

Recently and as I've reached my mid-twenties, I realised the importance of looking after my skin to ensure that it looks good for as long as possible. I have to admit that during my teenage years and my early twenties that I was very slack at incorporating a skincare routine into my daily schedule and I was quite lazy to just put off looking after my skin. I now make much more of an effort with caring for my skin and intend to carry that on going forward.

Mothers Day is approaching, and whilst I'm not a Mother myself (at least not to a human), I am very much a Cat Mum! Which can be rewarding and stressful in itself. I struggle to get a full nights sleep sometimes but the cute look on my cats face makes losing sleep worth it. So that being said, I like to pamper my skin and there's a few products that I've been using lately which have helped my skin to look and feel good. On such a day like Mothers Day, what more of an excuse do you need to pamper yourself or the most important lady in your life?

Firstly, I love to wear makeup. I wear it most days, however I really dislike taking it off because sometimes at the end of a day it feels like too much of an effort to sit down and make sure that I properly remove every last trace of it. The Nivea MicellAIR Make Up Remover is a lightweight formula and works like a magnet to ensure that every last scrap of makeup comes off your face. The product is also gentle on the skin which for me is an important must have in any skincare product I use. My skin can get irritated quite easily, so I want to use products that won't cause my skin to flare up when I use them. The formulation of this product is a dry oil, which for someone like me who occasionally has oily skin is perfect as it means that I'm not making my skin any more oily that it may already be when I am using the MicellAir Make Up Remover. 

I've got into a routine of applying face masks at least twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Sunday. I really like this routine as it means that I'm having a little pamper session both midweek and at the end of a weekend and I look forward to spoiling my skin on those days. I've always been the kind of person to use traditional clay/mud masks where you put them on, leave them for 10-15 minutes and then wash them off. But I've started using the Nivea Q10 Power Sleeping Melt - In Mask and it is a game changer! Containing Co-enzyme Q10 and Creatine this mask stimulates skin cell’s collagen production working as an anti-aging product. The first thing I noticed about this product is the scent - I'm in love with how good it smells! Secondly, I love how nourished my skin instantly felt after applying the mask and in the morning when I woke up, my skin looked glowing, refreshed and felt so smooth. But I love the ease of using this mask. I just wash my skin in the evening, pop this mask on and then I can go to bed without having to worry about taking it off a short time later. Completely stress free pampering!

Another important aspect of looking after my skin are my lips. I can't stand having dry lips so having a lip balm about me when I'm going about my day to day life is important. The Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm is great because it gives my lips the moisture that it needs whilst also giving them a tint and some colour which I love as I tend not to wear lipsticks/lip glosses too much. This lip balm is also great for those mornings where I just don't have the time to put on a lot of makeup so applying this means that I'm looking after my lips but also giving them a bit of shine and some colour, it's a win-win!

I'd love to know if you have a favourite Nivea product, and how will you be spending Mothers Day this year? Let me know below!

CarrieFi x
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