Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 Beauty Goals

So, we're at the beginning of a new year and lots of us are starting to set resolutions/goals/aims for ourselves to achieve during this year. Me personally, I have set myself personal and blogging goals which I have set for myself to achieve this year - but I have also set myself some beauty goals which I want to achieve too.

1. Maintain My Night Time Skincare Routine Consistently

This is something I struggle with massively, and I don't know why! I just always seem to procrastinate my skincare routine at night because I either get too stuck into a TV programme or I just feel too tired to do it. I've decided that this year I'm going to encourage myself to stick to my routine and keep it up! I know that doing this will make my skin feel 100% better for it.

2. Use At Least One New Product A Week

I have a tonne of products stashed away that I've never even used before and that tend to sit at the back of my makeup/skincare/beauty draws. I know that if I continuously use the same products as I always do, then the unused products will end up being forgotten about and then never used for a long long time - plus, it's a way of discovering new products too. Win win!

3. Don't Buy Anything Unnecessary/Use Up What I have

This point kind of ties in with the one above - but, I want to adopt a 'one in, one out' approach to my beauty products. So, if I have five mascara's at one time that I've accumulated, then I have no need to buy any more until they are all used up. This approach will mean that my beauty collection isn't as 'cluttered' as it currently!

4. Try Facial Steaming

This is something I heard a few people talking about last year, and according to them it works wonders for their skin. I personally think anything that will help improve the condition of my skin is a winner. So it may be time for me to invest in a facial steamer of some sort?

5. Continue To Really Nurture and Care For My Nails

Before the middle of last year I used to wear acrylic nails, which was not great for the health of my natural nails. Since the end of last year, I've been making a conscious effort to really look after my nails and ensure that they're not only strong and healthy but a good length too. So far, I feel like I've been doing well at this but I want to keep it up.

Let me know if you have any beauty goals for 2018?

CarrieFi x

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