Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How I'm Counting Down To Christmas

If there's one thing that builds up the excitement for Christmas, it's Advent Calendars! Every year I have to make sure that I have an Advent Calendar, even now as an adult. 

I think there might have been a couple of Christmases where I've left it too late to get an Advent Calendar but I try not to forget! Some years I've even ended up with a kids cartoon one which isn't overly 'cool' when you're grown up but it's the thought and sentiment that means the most!

As a beauty blogger - and general lover of all things beauty, I wanted to get myself a beauty advent calendar this year. I got one from Boots last year which contained brands from L'Oreal in it, and this year I had my eye on the John Lewis beauty advent calendar as it had so many products in it which I would have loved to have tried but unfortunately I was too late and they sold out! Aside from the John Lewis advent calendar, and I have to be honest, there wasn't many beauty advent calendars that I felt drawn to this year. I feel really sad to say that, but for me I felt disappointed that a lot are only 12 day calendars and for the price of them I simply don't feel that it's worth it!

So with that being said, this year I have relied on Cadbury's and their Dairy Milk advent calendar! You can't really go wrong with it, and after all it's kind of traditional to have a chocolate advent calendar.

CarrieFi x

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