Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Baking Mince Pies!

There's nothing quite like baking at Christmas! The smell of baking is amazing all year round but more so at Christmas! Recently I wanted to try making my own Mince Pies and they actually turned out better than I expected!

I followed a Paul Hollywood recipe on the BBC Good Food website which was so easy to follow! I've never made pastry before, nor had I ever made Mince Pies before so I really wasn't expecting my efforts to be amazing.

The original recipe says to do a normal lid for the pie, however I really love the effect of a star on top of Mince Pies, so that's what I did! Unfortunately I didn't have a cookie cutter in the shape of a star to use so I had to improvise and just cut star shapes free style - hence the reason why the stars don't all look the same, however it just makes each Mince Pie look unique and a bit more 'rustic'.

I have to admit, they tasted so good! and the pastry was lovely too, I'll definitely be making these again!

Making something like Mince Pies at Christmas is such a brilliant and rewarding thing to do, especially if for instance you have guests, or even maybe as a gift idea?

CarrieFi x

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