Thursday, 21 December 2017

YSL Black Opium Review

Black Opium is one of those fragrances that I fell in love with instantly after first coming across it. About a year ago, I received two mini samples of Black Opium in the Boots Beauty Advent Calendar,  I then was very lucky to receive a full size bottle for Christmas!

This fragrance is described as 'feminine glam rock', it's a floral scent with black coffee and vanilla. The scent is designed to give adrenaline, seduce and be sweet and sensual. I have to admit, I would agree with that description. It's definitely a fragrance which turns heads and receives many compliments when I wear it. 

It's a fragrance which gives me a little bit of a 'pep in my step' and a sassy/sexy confidence, it's a real feel good scent in my opinion and it's not hard to see why people are so quick to give compliments when they smell it.

In terms of lasting power - because I know some fragrances wear off after a few hours - I still can smell this on me the day after using it. I think that's amazing that it can last that long, and actually I don't have to spray too much of it on me to have that effect.

I also want to talk about the packaging too, I love the sparkly/glittery outer coating which just gives it that edge without looking tacky. It looks like it's made to stand out amongst other bottles, and I believe it does. 

It's such a unique fragrance and is definitely recognisable. I know that now I'm hooked on it, I will always want to re-purchase it! It is slightly pricey, however it's almost certainly worth it.

Seeing as it's close to Christmas, there may well be someone close to you who you may consider purchasing this for?

CarrieFi x


Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Birchbox Unboxing December 2017

So it's time to unbox the last Birchbox of the year! This month's Birchbox is another collaboration, this time with British fashion designer Matthew Williamson. The design of the box is inspired by Matthew Williamson's Treasure Garden print and fits in with Birchbox's theme for this month's box - Life's Little Treasures.

The products picked for this month are aimed to be useful whether you are getting ready for Christmas parties or if you just want a cosy night in!

The first product in my box is the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Natural Rose. This is a full size product, and I've already worn it a few times since the box arrived. I absolutely love the colour of this! It's a lovely nude pink colour and the bonus is that it's also hydrating.

I also received a Baïja Paris Caramelised Honey Body Scrub. An indulgent body scrub during the colder months always goes down a treat and this one sounds amazing!

The next product is the Mai Couture Highlighter Paper. These are a very glamorous type of blotting paper, they absorb the oil on your skin whilst giving you a non-greasy glow. I'm not too sure how I feel about these but I'll give them a go!

My Birchbox also featured a Nip + Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser. This is a moisturiser which has lots of superfoods in it such as kale and watercress, leaving your skin healthy and hydrated.

Lastly, and another full size product is the Spectrum Collections B04 Angled Blender Brush. I love using Spectrum's brushes and this brush looks to be really useful with blending eye makeup!

CarrieFi x


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in 'Nudist' Review

Recently, I bought the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the colour 'Nudist' and I've been using it non-stop since. When I first used it, I wasn't entirely sure if I'd enjoy using it but boy, how wrong I was!

I've noticed that the Gloss Sticks do feature in some Soap and Glory gift sets, so depending on which gift set you buy/receive you may find a Gloss Stick or two within your gift. Aside from featuring in gift sets, you can also buy the Gloss Sticks individually if you so wish.

Onto the review itself and like I said at the beginning of this post, I really wasn't sure if I was going to like using this product. I thought before I was going to use it that it would be more of a lipstick rather
than a lip gloss which I'll admit, was extremely naive of me considering the name of the product! It's also worth pointing out that if you're looking for a more pigmented product which gives a full wash of colour on your lips, like a lipstick, then this isn't for you.

When applied onto the lips, it doesn't feel at all sticky like a lip gloss and unlike the Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Glosses, you don't get the tingly feeling on your lips once applied. As the name of this product suggests, you get a lovely glossy shine to your lips with a slight hint of a nude colour - think of a 'your lips but better' scenario.

I definitely feel that this is an ideal lip product to use if you're weary of using anything too bold and especially for day to day wear - it's very subtle. It also smells nice, and feels extremely comfortable to wear and is moisturising on this lips which is an absolute win in my eyes.

The Gloss Stick when bought individually costs £3.50 which I feel is a bargain, for what it is and what it does I would almost definitely say that it's well worth the £3.50 price tag. Just as a side note however, it's worth mentioning that there isn't a massive load of product in the tube, but overall I'm really impressed by this! I normally steer well clear wherever Lip Gloss products are concerned, but for me this really isn't what I would class as your typical Lip Gloss. I will definitely be re-purchasing this when I run out!

CarrieFi x

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How I'm Counting Down To Christmas

If there's one thing that builds up the excitement for Christmas, it's Advent Calendars! Every year I have to make sure that I have an Advent Calendar, even now as an adult. 

I think there might have been a couple of Christmases where I've left it too late to get an Advent Calendar but I try not to forget! Some years I've even ended up with a kids cartoon one which isn't overly 'cool' when you're grown up but it's the thought and sentiment that means the most!

As a beauty blogger - and general lover of all things beauty, I wanted to get myself a beauty advent calendar this year. I got one from Boots last year which contained brands from L'Oreal in it, and this year I had my eye on the John Lewis beauty advent calendar as it had so many products in it which I would have loved to have tried but unfortunately I was too late and they sold out! Aside from the John Lewis advent calendar, and I have to be honest, there wasn't many beauty advent calendars that I felt drawn to this year. I feel really sad to say that, but for me I felt disappointed that a lot are only 12 day calendars and for the price of them I simply don't feel that it's worth it!

So with that being said, this year I have relied on Cadbury's and their Dairy Milk advent calendar! You can't really go wrong with it, and after all it's kind of traditional to have a chocolate advent calendar.

CarrieFi x

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Baking Mince Pies!

There's nothing quite like baking at Christmas! The smell of baking is amazing all year round but more so at Christmas! Recently I wanted to try making my own Mince Pies and they actually turned out better than I expected!

I followed a Paul Hollywood recipe on the BBC Good Food website which was so easy to follow! I've never made pastry before, nor had I ever made Mince Pies before so I really wasn't expecting my efforts to be amazing.

The original recipe says to do a normal lid for the pie, however I really love the effect of a star on top of Mince Pies, so that's what I did! Unfortunately I didn't have a cookie cutter in the shape of a star to use so I had to improvise and just cut star shapes free style - hence the reason why the stars don't all look the same, however it just makes each Mince Pie look unique and a bit more 'rustic'.

I have to admit, they tasted so good! and the pastry was lovely too, I'll definitely be making these again!

Making something like Mince Pies at Christmas is such a brilliant and rewarding thing to do, especially if for instance you have guests, or even maybe as a gift idea?

CarrieFi x

Monday, 4 December 2017

Winter Skincare Essentials

In today's post I am going to be talking to you about something which is so extremely important to me over the colder months - my skincare essentials. I know I'm not alone in suffering with drier skin during this time of the year, so I thought I would share what products help me through!


My face doesn't get too bad compared to the rest of my body, nonetheless I still like to keep the skin on my face as hydrated as possible. The product that I swear by to moisturise my face is the Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream. The quality of this moisturiser is amazing and really does the job, I love that this product doesn't break the bank either - sometimes you don't need to spend lots of money!

My lips are honestly so important in terms of being moisturised in the winter, my favourite lip balm is the Carmex Lip Balm. I love the tingling sensation on my lips when applied, and I also love the distinctive scent of this product too! Aside from that, it makes my lips feel soft and moisturised.


There's two areas on my body where I suffer the most with dry skin, my hands and my legs. This has actually been the case for some years now during the colder months, but I've learned how to combat that. With my hands I have to apply so much hand cream throughout the day to keep my hands moisturised and prevent them from getting dry and sore. The hand cream that honestly helps me out is the Soap and Glory Hand Food. If ever my hands are feeling really dry, a little bit of Hand Food makes them feel so much more smoother again, and it smells amazing!

In terms of my legs, once I'm out of the bath/shower I apply the Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Body Gel. Because this product is a gel, you need to apply this to semi-dry skin or else your skin will feel extremely sticky which is not nice! I really feel like this gel has helped to make my skin feel so much better since I started using it.

Another product I swear by is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter. This is such a rich butter so you definitely don't need to use too much of it, but it really sinks into your skin and leaves it feeling so much more hydrated and moisturised.

So I think that's it in terms of what I use to keep my skin going throughout the winter, let me know below what your winter skincare essentials are?

CarrieFi x

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Bourjois Rouge Velvet 'Berry Formidable' Lipstick Review

For ages now I've been looking for the perfect red lipstick for not only Christmas, but Winter in general. I have to say that for me that's a very adventurous step forwards in terms of wearing lipsticks. 

It's only in the last year that I've began to have confidence with wearing Lipsticks more, and that confidence only stretched to wearing very subtle nude lipsticks. However, whilst reading through a Christmas magazine, there was a beauty section which had an article on which red lipstick would suit certain skin tones. Not being able to find a red lipstick to suit my own personal skin tone was one of the main reasons why I guess I've been put off of trying to wear red lipsticks, some can wash you out and some can look too much.

The lipstick which I found that I liked is the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick in the shade 'Berry Formidable'. As the name suggests - this is a berry toned red, which is my favourite type of red! I really like that the shade isn't too 'out there' for me, it looks quite fitting for this time of year which makes it so much easier to wear.

As for the formulation of the lipstick, it's actually quite moisturising on the lips and I didn't feel uncomfortable wearing it. It lasts really well after applying it too, even after eating and drinking which is amazing!

The only struggle I had was with actually applying the lipstick, I have since realised that the way to apply it is by using the tip as a lip liner and then fill in the rest of your lips with the lipstick. I have had a few smudges around my lips which has been a nightmare to get rid of, but that's to be expected with a shade like this!

Overall, I've been really happy with this lipstick! It's the perfect shade for the festive period and Winter and I hope that I can get a lot of use out of it!

CarrieFi x

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lush Christmas Haul

Welcome to Day 2 of Blogmas - Today I have a Lush Christmas Haul for you! I don't know about you but I absolutely love Lush's seasonal ranges, they always include some cute products and they always smell great!

This year I was only very slightly disappointed because my favourite Christmas bath bomb - Father Christmas - isn't on sale this year! Father Christmas was around for a few years and it was always my tradition to use the Father Christmas bath bomb in my bath on Christmas Eve! I'm so gutted, but I suppose it just means that I'll need to try other bath bombs instead!

Back to this years haul, and I picked out a small selection of bath bombs to use over the festive period. The first one being the Butterbear bath bomb. Butterbear is basically the Butterball bath bomb in a bear shape for Christmas. I love this bath bomb because although it isn't the most exciting and there isn't much of a fragrance to it, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturised!

I also picked up the Golden Wonder bath bomb. This is a new one for me as I've never tried it, and I did contemplate picking up the giant version but I thought I would just stick to the normal sized one for now! The scent of this bath bomb apparently is sweet orange and lime oil so it sounds like it's quite citrusy!

Another new one for me is the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb. This bath bomb contains Honey, Brazilian Orange and Bergamot, but it also contains Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil so not only will my skin feel amazing, it will leave me smelling amazing too!

The Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb also made it's way into my haul, I've used this bath bomb before and I loved it! It contains Lavender and Tonka, so it's sure to leave me feeling all relaxed!

A new product to hit the Christmas range this year is the Snowman bubbleroon! The Snowman is such a cute little character and it'll be a shame to break him up into little pieces when the time comes to use this in my bath. This contain Sicilian Lemon Oil and has Cocoa and Shea Butter inside to leave your skin feeling soft!

CarrieFi x

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