Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Lush Halloween Haul 2017

I seriously cannot believe that we are edging closer and closer to Halloween! The months seem to be scarily whizzing past, however with the near arrival of Halloween comes the release of the Halloween range from Lush!

I mentioned on Twitter a little while ago that I was running low on some supplies from Lush, so I took the opportunity to log on to the Lush website and purchase a few goodies. A lot of the products in the range this year are similar to last years range, so I purchased the products I knew I liked, and also picked up the ones which are new to try them out.

One of my favourites from last year is the Monsters Ball (£4.50) bath bomb. As the name suggests, this is a bath bomb sculpted as a monster (but more cuter), and it just smells so good! It contains
Lime, Neroli and olibanum oils so you'll be feeling fresh and relaxed after your bath.

I then took the opportunity to go for a new product. I decided to try one of the new jelly bath bombs, Ectoplasm (£4.95). This one I'm feeling slightly unsure of because I've seen and heard some people say that the jelly texture isn't a nice sensation when it gets on your skin. I always like to try things myself though before I make a judgement - look out for either a blog post or tweet reviewing this product!

Another new product in the Halloween range at Lush this year is the Bewitched (£4.25) bubble bar. It's in the shape of a black cat, and just looks adorable! Bubble bars are brilliant because you can use a little bit at a time so they last for ages!

I really enjoyed the Lord Of Misrule (£3.95) bath bomb last year -more so than I originally thought I would, so that's back in my bathroom again this year! I loved the scent of it, and the colour in my bath looked spectacular.

Last but not least, another returning product that was in my basket was the Sparkly Pumpkin (£4.25). I have to say, if you hate glitter this is not a product for you, because it gets everywhere! I don't mind however. This is also a bubble bar so this should last me a few weeks. I also noticed that there is a pink version of this too, so you can pick between either the traditional orange or the pink.

I'm so glad that the seasonal products are back at Lush - It's perfect for a nice warm hot soak on a cold day!

Let me know if you have, or are planning to pick up any items from the Lush Halloween range?

CarrieFi x


  1. Love this post! Can't go wrong with LUSH especially at this time of year! Xx


    1. Thank you - glad you enjoyed it! I agree, Lush are amazing this time of the year! x


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