Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Stips Review

Today I have another review for you all! In this post I will be reviewing the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Strips.

I've wanted to try using Pore Strips for some time now because I feel that my pores are extremely blocked and would like to un-block them if possible! Finding Pore Strips that I wanted to try was such a hard choice, I did think about using the Biore Pore Strips but I was so spoilt for choice that I just went for the ones that caught my eye first, and they just happened to be the Boots ones.

The Boots Pore Strips I bought contain Tea Tree and Witch Hazel and also Charcoal to help draw out deep down impurities & excess oil. The process of using the Pore Strips comes in to different stages and two different Pore Strips essentially.

Step 1 involves washing your face prior to placing the strip on your nose, it's important that your nose is slightly damp and has had heat directed to it otherwise the strip simply will not stick, which is one of the teething issues I have faced using this product. Once the strip is on your nose it must be left there for about 15-20 minutes to allow for the Pore Strip to draw out the dirt. Me personally, whenever I have used these Pore Strips and I have removed them I haven't had much come out of my pores which is extremely disappointing given that I did expect more.

After following the first step my nose felt a little icky from having the strip on my nose so it's good to clean the excess off. It's then that you should use the second Pore Strip in the pack for 30 minutes on your nose which is meant to moisturise your nose as the first Pore Strip can really dry your skin out which feels unpleasant. However I found the second one really hard to keep on my nose and for me, it just kept falling off which was a bit of a pain so I tend not to use this.

Overall if I'm going to summarise this product, then I would say that actually I'm not blown away by it. While the idea is good and gives you the hope of removing the blackheads from your nose, the reality is very different, and for me it just hasn't worked. I would perhaps like to try the Biore Pore Strips and see if they are any better, but I do wonder if any of these Pore Strips work and is it all just a hype instead? I'm not sure, but I am keen to keep exploring!

Please let me know if you have tried Pore Strips, what your opinion is, and what one's you think may be the best - I'd love to know!

CarrieFi x


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  1. Great post - I haven't used pore strips for ages because I found them disappointing. I find a face mask or steam room tends to open my pores well.


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