Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Lush 'Snow Fairy' Body Conditioner Review

A few months ago when the Lush Christmas range was released, one of the products I happened to pick up was the Magic Wand. Magic Wand is one of Lush's bubble bars which is on a stick but is shaped like a star and scented just like the Snow Fairy shower gel.

After I wrote my Lush Christmas Haul and posted it on Twitter I was tweeted by Lush asking me if I had tried the Snow Fairy body conditioner and I hadn't! Luckily for Christmas I received a Lush gift set which contained the Snow Fairy body conditioner, and a few weeks ago I gave it go.

One of my recent goals I have made for myself is that I want to try and aim to use a product I wouldn't usually use that I own at least once a week. This product was the first that I picked out from my vast drawer of bath and body products that I have accumulated!

I actually gave a live review of this product on my Twitter which was my first impressions after I had stepped out of the bath and used the body conditioner.

To go in to a bit more detail about the product, it's like moisturising your skin while you're in the bath/shower. You use the conditioner after cleansing/shaving/scrubbing your skin and it will leave you with silky smooth skin which smells like candyfloss just like the Snow Fairy shower gel/Magic Wand bubble bar would leave you smelling.

As I said in my tweet I really like this product, it makes so much of a difference to your skin to make it feel super soft and to have the scent lying on your skin for ages after your bath/shower especially as the scent of most products fade after you use them. It's definitely best if you use either the Snow Fairy shower gel or Magic Wand bubble bar in addition to get the most of the scent but even just using one of those products is enough to make you smell fabulous!

Another thing to point out is that you really don't need to use too much of the conditioner, a little bit absolutely goes a long way, and using too much can actually leave your skin feeling slightly sticky as I found out! That being said, I adore this product and it's a welcome addition to my bath/shower routine, it's just a shame you can't purchase this the whole year round!

CarrieFi x

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