Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lush Christmas Haul 2016

 I recently purchased some goodies from the Lush Christmas range! I wanted to share with you what I picked up and my initial thoughts of them.
  Firstly I picked up the Father Christmas bath bomb (£3.75). This product is shaped like a Father Christmas head and is super festive! I actually bought this bath bomb last year and used it on Christmas Eve to really get me in the mood for Christmas. It's really sweet smelling, and when placed in the bath turns the water a red and green colour.  

The next item I bought was an item I don't recall seeing in previous years Lush Christmas range. It's the Christmas Penguin bubble bar (£3.95) which is so adorable it'll be a shame to use it! I love the Lush bubble bars as I think they're such good value for money and I always manage to get lots of bubble baths out of them! This bubble bar sounds as if it's an uplifting product to use in the bath because it contains Sicilian lemon and mandarin oils and sweet bergamot which will be refreshing to use.

I also picked up another bubble bar, Santasaurus (£5.95). This bubble bar is basically a dragon wearing a Santa’s hat on a stick, how cute! I admit a lot of the products I bought were because they looked cute but how can you resist? This bubble bar contains Brazilian orange and bergamot oil so this sounds like it is a fresh scent to use.

Peeping Santa (£3.95)
is also a bubble bar I couldn't resist. This makes for a very indulgent bubble bath on those cold winter nights and contains lots of lovely ingredients such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, bergamot and geranium oils.
The next bath bomb in my haul is Star Dust (2.95). The bath bomb looks incredible as when it is placed in water there is an explosion of different coloured glitter stars in your bath. The ingredients contain vanilla and bergamot oil so this should be a relaxing addition to a nice long hot soak!

The last bath bomb I chose was Butterbear (£1.95). This is another luxurious product, as it contains cocoa butter and ylang ylang which not only makes for a relaxing bath, it will also be good for my skin!

Last but not least is the final bubble bar in my haul which is Magic Wand (£5.95). If you like the shower gel Snow Fairy that Lush also sell, you'll love this bubble bar. The scent is a sweet smell, and turns the colour of the bath water pink.

Let me know what you think of the Lush Christmas range and if you have tried anything?

CarrieFi x


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  1. Lush really do so many cute things and love the look of these festive treats. How lovely, they would make great stocking fillers.

    Laura xx (#SheHeartsChat) :)


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