Tuesday, 15 November 2016

November Beauty Wishlist

Welcome to my November wishlist! I can't believe Christmas is only next month, this year has flown by! As I do each month I'm going to go through what's on my Beauty wishlist for this month.

I've seen and heard lots of good things about the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks (Purity, Detox, and Glow), I love a face mask so I'm really interested to find out what effects using any of these masks have to my skin.  

I'm loving the look of the Benefit Brow Kits too, Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands and I have really enjoyed using the Goofproof eyebrow pencil recently as it has made sculpting and filling in my eyebrows so easy. The whole brow range from Benefit looks impressive and I'd really like to find out how I get on with one of their kits.

Another product I have heard lots of good things about is the Viktor and Rolf Bonbon perfume. The scent of this perfume has been described by Youtuber/Blogger Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle Of Glitter as what she imagines Heaven to smell like. What makes this perfume even more impressive is that the bottle is in the shape of a bow which is just too cute!  

Recently I have discovered a new found love for lipsticks, in particular, nude coloured lipsticks by MAC. One of the lipsticks which are currently on my Christmas wishlist is the MAC Velvet Teddy shade. This is really natural and is one of the most popular nude lipsticks.  

Lastly on my wishlist for this month are the L'Oreal False Lash Sculpt and the L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture mascaras. I have been watching Youtuber/Blogger Lydia Elise Millen who swears by this mascara combo to get her lashes looking so full and voluminous. Having seen the results of using these mascaras, I definitely want to give this duo a go!     

That's it for my wishlist this month, let me know below what products you have your eye on?

CarrieFi x  


  1. Lovely wish list and so many products I want to try too! I really love Benefit brow products and definitely want to try one of their kits!

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I really want to try those masks too! And I saw that perfume in an ad and was super curious! Might just have to make a wish list myself now!!
    XX Jen


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