Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette Review

I really find it hard to motivate myself to clean my makeup brushes on a daily basis; it always feels like such a big effort to get the brushes as clean as I would like them.

I've been trying to get hold of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette for a while and I hadn't been able to find it until the other day when I very quickly purchased it after I saw it!

The Palette is made from silicone and has a strap on the back where you can put your hand through enabling you to easily clean your brushes while holding the palette. There are three different types of ridges inside the palette which go from being little to big and are different shapes which get really deep into the bristles of your brushes to give a deep cleanse.

When cleaning my brushes, I put some baby shampoo inside the palette and got to work cleaning my brushes. I was amazed at how quickly the dirt from my makeup brushes came out after using the palette. It took absolutely no effort at all and I managed to make a chore that I really dislike, so much more quicker!

I'm really impressed with this little tool which has very quickly become my best friend. I used to just clean my makeup brushes using my hands, but this palette just makes the whole process much more thorough, quick and easy. For £12.99 it's totally worth the price, and I highly recommend that you all purchase this!

CarrieFi x

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