Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The AM & PM Routine Tag

I love a good blog tag, so thank you to Sally at www.themakeupdirectory.co.uk for posting The AM & PM Tag on your blog- it totally inspired me to have a go at answering the questions, so here they are!


What is your morning beauty routine?

If I'm being entirely honest, I don't really have much a morning beauty routine. I may use a Simple face wipe just to freshen my face up in the morning and occasionally use some moisturiser before applying my makeup, but that's about it.

What's for breakfast?

I like to have Weetabix for breakfast in the morning during the weekdays, but at the weekend when I have a bit more time I'll have whatever takes my fancy!

Coffee or Tea?

I'm a tea person mainly, but I am partial to a mid afternoon Cappuccino.

How long does it take you to get out the door?

I tend to get up at least a couple of hours before I have to leave the house. This gives me enough time to get up, have something to eat and drink and wake myself up for the day before I need to get ready. I always give myself 40 minutes to get freshened up, changed and do my makeup before I go out.

What is your go to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?

I start by using foundation to even out my face, and then conceal any blemishes I have. Once this is done, I apply some loose powder onto my face to hold my base, and then use brow mascara to make my brows look tidy without having to fill them in. For my eyes, I just apply liquid eyeliner on my top lid for a wing effect and then curl my lashes and apply mascara. That's it!


What is your evening beauty routine?

As soon as I come home in the evening, and I'm in my comfy clothes, I begin by using micellar water to take my makeup off. I then wash my face using a hot cloth cleanser (either Liz Earle or Soap and Glory-they're both amazing!) once my face is clean I use a toner, and then I use the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate and then moisturise my face with the Nivea Soft Cream.

Snack time! What's in the bowl?

This can vary from day to day. A lot of the time I don't really snack in the evenings, but mostly if I do it'll tend to be a biscuit of some sort.

How do you wind down and prep for bed?

I watch YouTube videos before I go and get ready for bed. Any that are in my subscription box that I haven't caught up on, I use the time before bed to watch them.

Cosy Up! What are you wearing to sleep?

At the moment I prefer to wear quite loose fitting short pyjamas so I don't get too warm in bed. In the winter I'll wear longer pyjamas to keep warm.

What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?

I'll sit in bed and look through my phone whilst drinking a mug of hot chocolate, and just before I go to sleep- if I need to set an alarm in the morning I'll make sure that the alarm is set for the time I need to get up in the morning.

I hope you found my answers to this tag interesting, let me know if you complete this tag- I'd love to see your answers to these questions!

CarrieFi x


  1. So lovely! I'm obsessed with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser too, it's so gorgeous especially in the evenings!

    corrie | corriearnold.co.uk


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