Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Yankee Candle 'Lavender' Review

Today I have a review of another of the votives which I received for Christmas. This one is the Lavender votive, and I must admit, If I had come across the candle in the shop I perhaps would not consider picking this one up, which is why the selection of the different fragrances is a wonderful idea.

The Lavender Yankee Candle has a lovely Lavender smell, which I would also say is quite fragrant. It's a lovely purple colour, and is perfect for times where you want to wind down and chill out. I would suggest lighting this candle either before bath-time or before bedtime to really help you relax.

After I had the candle lit one evening, the morning after I went into the room where the candle was and the room had the lovely fragrance from the candle which was great that the fragrance lasts that long.

The Yankee Candle votives guarantee at least 10 hours burning time which is a pretty good length of time considering they are small. Each votive is reasonably priced at £1.80, so this is a wonderful opportunity to pick up a few votives of different fragrances to find out which ones are perfect for you before picking up the bigger jars!

CarrieFi x


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