Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Five Reasons To Remove Your Makeup When You Walk Through The Door!

This post was inspired by my own procrastination when it comes to taking my makeup off at the end of each day. I love wearing makeup but I always find it such an effort taking it off. By writing this post, I hope it gives myself, and others who feel the same, the motivation to get our makeup off when we don't need to wear it!

Below are the five reasons why I, and you, should take our makeup off when we walk through the door....

  • Taking makeup off earlier in the day/evening gives your skin more time to breathe

  •  Taking makeup off earlier also means that it's one less thing to remember just before you get into bed 

  • We will generally have less motivation to take our makeup off right before we get into bed as we will be feeling tired

Which brings me onto my next point....

  • The later we leave it in the day to take our makeup off, the less effective we will be at removing it- no-one likes to wake up with panda eyes, do they?  

And my last point...

  • What's the point of leaving makeup on when you're just lounging around the house? Take it off, and let your skin be free!

I hope this post is motivational, and points out the good reasons why we should be taking our makeup off as soon as we can. If anyone else procrastinates like I do, let me know below! 


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