Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March Favourites!

It's time for another favourites post as we are now approaching the end of the month, and I can reflect back on what I was loving during March!


Le Volume De Chanel Mascara 


I actually received this mascara in form of a sample as part of a birthday present and decided to try it out as I had used up the mascara I had been previously using, and I love it! It says it in the title but this mascara really does the job when it comes to giving your lashes volume. I often find that with some mascara's, they claim to give volume, but really they don't give me the volume that I really expect, so for me, this mascara is a new favourite!


Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 


Recently I have got back into using this cleanser daily, and I had forgotten how amazing this product really is! It's so effective at getting all the daily grime and dirt off your face and really making your skin look and feel clean. I adore the smell of this product and find that it really relaxes me.




Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder


This was one of my impulse brought products that I happened to pick up in Boots earlier in the month as there was a 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois, and I decided to buy this as I was really intrigued to try this bronzer out and see what it would be like. I was pleasantly surprised as I was worried it may look too harsh and not give me the subtle contouring I always go for. The powder applies really naturally onto the face and gives a nice glow.

Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm

This was another product I had received as part of a birthday present that I have recently tried out. I always feel a bit nervous about using some hair products as some generally make my hair go greasy unfortunately, however that was not the case with this balm. I applied a penny sized amount into my towel dried hair and my hair seemed really glossy and healthy, and Percy and Reed's hair products always smell good too!

Chloe Eau De Parfum 


I've done a review of this perfume on the blog previously before, but I'm really loving this fragrance. The floral elegant smell really picks me up.

CarrieFi x


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Guide 2016

Easter is on its way, and I thought I'd write a post and just give a few ideas of what to buy the people you care about! This post will be handy for people who want to buy gifts for Easter that aren't chocolate related, as I personally know some people who have given up chocolate and won't want to be given any!

1. Paperchase Rabbit Gold Slim Pen £7.00 | 2. Lush Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb £2.95 | 3. Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt £3.95 | 4. Sainsbury's Happy Easter Bunny Cushion £8.00 | 5. Yankee Candle Easter 2016 Votive Holder and 3 Votive Gift Set £10.99 | 6. Lush Bunch Of Carrots £6.25 | 7. Next Metal Ring Holder and Trinket Box £10.00 | 8. Topshop Sheer Insert Bunny Socks £3.50 | 9. Marks and Spencer Farmhouse Blue Mug £6.00 | 10. Lush Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb £2.95

I hope this post has given any of you some inspiration of what to possibly buy as an alternative for chocolate this year! I know there's a lot of these products that have caught my eye!

CarrieFi x

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar Review

"Berry yourself under a blackcurranty blanket of bubbles and let this fruity little number put your world to rights."

For Christmas I received lots of Lush goodies, and in one of the gift sets I received was this amazing bubble bar! Before using The Comforter, I had never used a bubble bar before, and I was pleasantly surprised! 

The Comforter comes as a oval shaped bar which is a purpley/white tie dye effect colour, and smells very much like berries, in particular, Blackberry, which is very soothing (hence the name) and just amazing. When using The Comforter, you only need to use a little bit as once the bar has been crumbled up in the bath the bubbles are massive and there are lots of them.

I would say that from every experience I have had with The Comforter since I have started using it, that the bubbles are much softer than any other bubble bath I have ever had, but I don't know if that's just my perception, or if anyone else feels the same way? But the softness of the bubbles makes bath time even more relaxing, and it really makes my skin feel much softer even after my bath. 

The best bit of this bubble bar is that if you only use a slither of the bar each time you use it, it will last you a very long time which is great! I would definitely re-purchase this again once my current bar has run out, which will only set me back £4.95, which is well worth it!

CarrieFi x



Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Five Reasons To Remove Your Makeup When You Walk Through The Door!

This post was inspired by my own procrastination when it comes to taking my makeup off at the end of each day. I love wearing makeup but I always find it such an effort taking it off. By writing this post, I hope it gives myself, and others who feel the same, the motivation to get our makeup off when we don't need to wear it!

Below are the five reasons why I, and you, should take our makeup off when we walk through the door....

  • Taking makeup off earlier in the day/evening gives your skin more time to breathe

  •  Taking makeup off earlier also means that it's one less thing to remember just before you get into bed 

  • We will generally have less motivation to take our makeup off right before we get into bed as we will be feeling tired

Which brings me onto my next point....

  • The later we leave it in the day to take our makeup off, the less effective we will be at removing it- no-one likes to wake up with panda eyes, do they?  

And my last point...

  • What's the point of leaving makeup on when you're just lounging around the house? Take it off, and let your skin be free!

I hope this post is motivational, and points out the good reasons why we should be taking our makeup off as soon as we can. If anyone else procrastinates like I do, let me know below! 


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February Favourites!

I seriously cannot believe February has already ended, It feels like Christmas was only last month! However, with it being a new month, it's time for me to look back on what I was loving last month......

Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner; 

 This is one of my all time favorite eyeliners, and in February I re-purchased this, after a little break using another liquid eyeliner by Stilla which I was sadly disappointed by. In my mind, this eyeliner is an absolute gem to use and is reasonably priced. The liquid itself is a really matt black colour and amazingly lasts the whole day! 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water;

 I'm convinced that this cleanser is made from some kind of magic! It never fails to amaze me how much makeup and dirt it can pull off in one go. I became lazy for a while and was using makeup wipes at the end of each day, but I have since realised that my face is much more cleaner and healthier when using the micellar water.


Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar;

 This was actually part of a gift set from Lush I received as a Christmas present, and I have only just got round to using it. It's so lovely, the smell is super relaxing, and the bubbles feel so soft, therefore making your skin feel soft too! The best part of this bubble bar is that you only need to use a little bit at a time meaning you get quite a few uses.


 The best way to welcome the weekend in, in my opinion! I could honestly watch this show all day long given the opportunity, just purely for the laughs and the entertainment which all of the families who feature provide. 

My New Bed;

 I recently invested in a new bed, mainly because I only had a single bed previously which was getting quite old, and I just felt like it was time for a change and get something new, and more spacious! and I absolutely love it! It's so comfy, and getting up in the mornings now is even more of a struggle!

(Almost!) Lighter Evenings;

 Probably a slightly random favourite, but already I'm starting to notice how much more lighter it's becoming in the evenings, and it's so good!

Let me know what your February Favourites were below!

CarrieFi x


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