Tuesday, 15 December 2015

My Weekend Diary- Tuesday 15th December


On Friday my cousin arrived to stay the weekend, I can't honestly say I did an awful lot in the evening, apart from just chilling out, eating dinner and watching Gogglebox and Alan Carr Chatty
Man. Before bed, me and my cousin took turns to paint each other nails, and then I just felt so tired I just needed my bed! Crazy Friday night I know........


In the Evening, my family and I took a trip to watch some Ice Hockey. We left the Ice Rink to torrential, and I mean TORRENTIAL rain! In the space of literally a minute or two I was soaked through. Everyone looked and felt like a drowned rat. I was very pleased to get home, feel comfy, tuck into some cheese on toast and just chill while watching The X Factor final.


I had the most wonderful lie-in which was very much needed, I then came downstairs to a Bacon Sandwich and a cup of tea. I just spent most of the morning relaxing, before I decided it was time to make myself look and feel a bit ore presentable for the day. I did a couple of housey things like hoovering and changing my bed sheets, and then my boyfriend came over for a second lazy Sunday in a row which really just consisted of cooking, eating and watching TV. On Sunday evening was The X Factor final, I haven't really been into it much this year, but Louisa did impress me and deserved the win.


Monday was my birthday! and I have to admit I was thoroughly spoiled with the presents I received. Although it was my birthday I spent the day buying a Christmas Tree, and decorating and just generally making the house feel more Christmassy. I had lots of visitors to help me celebrate my special day and just made it feel wonderful!

CarrieFi x


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