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Empties:- November 2015

I can't believe in the two years of writing this blog, I've never done an empties post! The thing is with me though; once I've used a product up I tend to just chuck it in the bin as soon as I've finished with it.

However, with this post in mind, I decided to hold a few products back in the last month since I have finished with them so I can give you my opinion on them now they have been used up.

Below are the products that I have used up as of November 2015:

Soap and Glory: - Whipped Clean

I purchased this back in May during a Boots shopping spree, and this was the first time I have ever used this product. I was drawn to it as it is described as containing Cocoa and Shea butter, which are smells that I love. Having used this product for the last five or six months, I do like the shower gel, it feels very nourishing and makes your skin smell nice, however, I wouldn't say it's my favourite S&G product I have ever used. This is only because I think there are other S&G shower gels that I prefer more than this one, so the likelihood of me buying this again is fairly slim.

Soap and Glory: - Rich & Foamous

Following on from the above, this is another S&G product I brought back in May to try for the first time. Again, I was tempted to buy this as I had heard lots of good things about it from others, and the fact that it smells very sweet and biscuit like, which I absolutely loved about this shower gel, it smells so good! I will definitely be buying this again!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Hand Cream

I'm a big hand cream junkie, I always have to have some with me as my hands are so prone to chapping, particularly in the winter months, so when I saw this in Sainsbury's discounted, I decided to pick some up as I have heard only good things about this. I love the Cocoa scent as if this post hasn't made it obvious enough so far! This hand cream is so nourishing, and the great thing is, you only really need a pea sized amount of it to work into your hands. It's also reasonably priced in my opinion at £1.99, and I have already picked some more up as I loved it so much!

Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser: - Cocoa Radiant

 Keeping on the Cocoa butter theme (I'm not obsessed, I promise!) this is a product I actually got into thanks to my boyfriend who loves this product. Moisturising is something I get bored by and don't really enjoy doing if I'm being completely honest with you, but this product definitely takes the strain away from the task. It's so easy to just spray the product on, rub it in and then just get dressed. It dries so quickly which is great and is a huge selling point of this moisturiser. I'm planning on buying this again.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo

I have always loved this shampoo, I would never be able to describe to smell of the shampoo, but all I do know is that it makes my hair smell so good, and feel softer than it ever can be if I use a different shampoo. This is a staple in my hair care routine, and is something I have always and will always come back to.

And that's it for my November edition of empties; I hope you all enjoyed reading my first ever offering. I'll be back with more empties in December!

CarrieFi x

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