Saturday, 10 October 2015

Lush Christmas 2015 Wishlist!

I have just recently noticed that Lush's Christmas range has appeared on their website and I was so excited to have a look and pick out which products I want from that range. Most of the same products make an appearance every year, but they are so amazing that I find myself wanting the same products every year! Below are my picks:

Butterbear: - Aside from being overly cute, this bath bomb sounds so amazing, as it smells of Vanilla! (£1.95)

Father Christmas: - This is also another cute looking bath bomb, which looks spectacular when dropped in a bath with its red and green tones. Even better, it smells of candyfloss! (£3.65)

Peeping Santa: - This is a product I haven't seen before from Lush. It's a bubble bar, so you take a piece of the bar and crumble it under the tap while running a bath, thus making lots of lovely bubbles to relax in. (£3.95)

Luxury Lush Pud: - This Christmas pudding inspired bath bomb has a lavender scent which is perfect for relaxing. (£3.95)

Star Dust: - This is another vanilla scented bath bomb which is one of the more tame products, but as I love the smell of vanilla, I really like the look of this one, even if it may not be as visually exciting as the others. (£2.95)

Yog Nog: - This apparently is compared to a biscuit tin on the Lush website, and the name is a play on words with Egg Nog, which is actually what the colour of the water looks like after the bath bomb has been dropped in the water. (£3.95)

Snow Fairy: - When I first used this last year I wasn't too sure about the smell at first because I found it very sweet, overpowering and sickly, however, it grew on me, and come the end of the bottle, I loved it! (£3.95)

I am planning to purchase all of the above, and will be trying them out. Once I have done so, I am planning to write some more blog posts to review them, so keep your eyes peeled!

CarrieFi x


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