Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Body Shop 'Instablur' Primer Review

A few months ago, I had run out of primer, and I was keen to try something new to broaden my makeup horizons. I had watched a few makeup tutorials on YouTube, and had seen the Instablur primer by The Body Shop mentioned.

I decided to make a trip to The Body Shop one day and pick up a tube to try out. The Instablur primer promises to blur pores to make skin photo-ready in an instant. From my experience of using this product, I would totally agree. It's actually quite intriguing seeing how my pores vanish as soon as I smooth this product into my skin. It really is the perfect base for foundation to sit on top of. I would also point out that my makeup last a lot longer than normal when I am wearing this primer; I haven't noticed any slipping foundation/eye products since I have used this, which, apart from hiding my pores is exactly what I would want a primer to do.

The texture of this primer is another point I want to mention. It's translucent, meaning that it is perfect for any skin tone, unlike some primers which are only suited to certain skin tones making matching up quite difficult. I find as well sometimes when I squeeze some of the primer out that it doesn't smooth onto my skin very easily and falls off my face when trying to rub it in but it's not a massive issue, it can just be a little irritating if you get it on clothes/ carpet, but again is in no way reflective of the benefits of this primer.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this primer, and at £14 is at the higher end of the market, but is worth it!

CarrieFi x

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