Friday, 5 December 2014

Benefit 'Brow Zings' Review

In the past I can openly admit to not really ever having a brow routine other than plucking them! Mainly due to the fact I've always felt that my brows have never really needed filling in as I feel that when they're plucked they're reasonably presentable. However, on the odd occasion, usually if I am really making an effort with my makeup (i,e. weekends, evenings, or any time when I have lots of time to do my makeup), I have in the past used a brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows to enhance the shape of them and just make them look a bit more defined. I have also used eyebrow pencils and brow mascara's to find out what products and techniques work for me when it comes to my brow routine. Until now.

I think I have finally found the product that works for me. That product is the Benefit 'Brow Zings' brow shaping kit. It's a small palette that contains a brow wax, powder, a hard angle brush, a blending brush, tweezers and has a small compact mirror built into the lid of the palette which is perfect if you are on the go!

The technique for using this brow kit is super simple, which is great if you want to get the famous groomed Benefit brows. Firstly taking the hard angle brush you just take a bit of the the brow wax and run it through your brows to set them in place, then, using the same hard angle brush (or blending brush), take some of the powder and work on the areas of your brows which look sparse and need filling in. A
fter, if there are any stray hairs, just pluck them out using the tweezers provided in the kit, and you're done! So simple!

The great thing about this kit is that inside the box that the palette is in, there is a little booklet giving you a lesson on how to shape your brows using this kit which I think is a lovely touch.

Thanks to this kit I actually really enjoy doing my brows now! Before it seemed like such a laborious chore as I could never make them look natural. If you are thinking of purchasing this kit, definitely go for it! It is quite pricey at £24.50 but if you can afford to, it's worth the money.

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  1. This is a really good kit! I think mine has gone a bit grubby now as I've had it for so long - will definitely have to repurchase. Have you tried the gimmebrow yet?

    1. Oh no! It's a lovely kit, it's the only eyebrow product that's made my brows look totally natural. I haven't tried Gimmebrow, what do you think of it?

  2. hi there

    amazing blog post... You have a lovely blog post here :)

    would love to see you over on my blog


    1. Thank you Jade! I'm going to take a look at your blog in a little while :)


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