Saturday, 16 August 2014

In The Spotlight: Marc Jacobs Fragrance Collection

I thought I would do something a bit different with this post and talk through Marc Jacobs' impressive collection of fragrances. Marc Jacobs is a renowned brand in the fragrance world, and the latest release; Daisy Dream has lived up to expectations. It's worth pointing out that I have never actually owned a Marc Jacobs fragrance but I have heard only good things about all of the fragrances released under the Marc Jacobs label. In addition, I have had a smell of the Oh Lola! perfume and it was lovely.

Starting with the first release, lets look at Daisy

Daisy was released in 2007 and is the original fragrance of the collection. Described as a floral scent with a vintage edge. I love the look of the bottle, it's simple but the Daisy's at the top of the bottle give it a classic feel.

Lola/Oh Lola!

Lola/Oh Lola! are also well known fragrances from the Marc Jacobs collection. Again, these are also floral scents, however, they are the sexy/flirtatious/seductive sisters of Daisy. Lola/Oh Lola! also is packaged in a lavish bottle.


Honey is a fragrance that is floral but with an energy tone thanks to the citrus scent from the mandarin and orange blossom. The bottle is like a bumble bee, so cute!


Another floral scent but with vanilla and musk. Dot is the sophisticated sibling of the Marc Jacobs fragrance family. In some ways the bottle reminds me of Honey, but this time the theme is a ladybird.

Daisy Dream

The scent I'm most looking forward to! I actually bought this as a gift last week and the recipient was very complimentary. I need to try this perfume! As with the other Marc Jacob fragrances, this is also a floral scent which is fresh and fruity. The bottle is dreamy and elegant!

So that was Marc Jacobs fragrances In the Spotlight! There is a common theme after a thorough analysis of the different fragrances, and that is that they all are floral scents and have quirky bottles. I love that about Marc Jacobs, it's a brand that is happy to have an individual style.

CarrieFi x

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