Thursday, 20 February 2014

Real Techniqes Core Collection

When I  received these beauties as a gift on Christmas Day, words couldn't even begin to describe how excited I was! I had been lusting over the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes for quite some time so I'm thrilled to bits to finally own the set.
The core collection comprises of four brushes
-Detailer brush
-Pointed foundation brush
-Buffing brush
-Contour brush
The buffing brush is my used brush as I just find applying foundation a whole lot easier when using this brush. Although the foundation brush is intended for applying foundation, I find that it would be better for applying concealer as is the detailer brush. The contour brush is fantastic for applying bronzer and blush as it has a pointed tip so gives a softer finish.
If you are a beginner to makeup I would definitely recommend purchasing as it is perfect to get you started on your collection of makeup brushes.
Do you own any Real Techniques brushes? What is favourite brush?
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