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Friday, 22 September 2017

5 Things I Love About Autumn

Well it's official - today's the first day of Autumn! I cannot tell you how happy I am about this. I know some people absolutely love the Summer but unfortunately it's not the season for me. I hate feeling and looking hot and sweaty and that I'm never going to be able to cool down - it just doesn't work for me.

To me, Autumn is possibly the most prettiest season during the year - what's not to love about the brown leaves on the ground? Anyway, whilst I was hosting the #GRLPOWR chat on Twitter last night all about Autumn, it really inspired me to write this post and list the 5 things I love about Autumn!

1. The Leaves

Of course I had mention the leaves in my list. There's nothing better than going for a walk during the Autumn and walking through thick piles of crunchy leaves!

2. Knitwear

The cooler weather means that it's time to get cosy and grab all the knitwear out of the back of your wardrobes/drawers.

3. Berry Lips

It's time to put away the bright colours and dig out the berry toned lipsticks - what's not to love?

4. Lush Baths

The best way to keep warm in the winter. Run a hot bath, put in a Lush bath bomb, and relax.

5. Festivities

Halloween and Christmas are just round the corner!

What do you love about Autumn?

CarrieFi x

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Birchbox September 2017

This month's Birchbox is a collaboration with Oliver Bonas (if you aren't aware of Oliver Bonas - they are a British lifestyle and fashion designer known for their stunning quirky designs). Towards the end of August I received an email from Birchbox with a choice of two different Oliver Bonas themed designs to select for my box. I chose a pink coloured box with drawn faces on it. It looks so pretty. I definitely feel that this is a box I'm willing to keep and not throw away! As with every Birchbox there is a theme to each box. This month they are embracing the saying 'work hard, play hard and be kind' - with the beginning of the new school year, this is a fitting statement!

Every Birchbox subscriber has received the following two products in their box this month, namely the Manna Kadar Fantasy 3-in-1 Blush, Highlighter and Eyeshadow - as the title of the products suggests, this is a multi-tasking product which you can use different areas of your face. This powder is a slightly bronzer colour so it should give a good glow! The other product every Birchbox subscriber will receive is the Polaar IcyMagic Instant Eye Contour Energiser - this is a roll-on targeted at under eyes to combat dark circles and puffy eyes, it is also said to stimulate eyelash growth. This is one product in the box which I'm excited and intrigued by!

Now we move onto the products which have been selected for me based on my Birchbox beauty profile. I received the Dr PawPaw Original Clear Balm - this is another multi-tasking product in my box this month and I feel that it will be perfect for the colder months to come. You can use this product as a lip balm, moisturiser and even to soothe split ends - amazing!

The next product in my box is the Arrow BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm - again, this is another really handy product to have as we fast approach the colder months. Containing mango seed butter to moisturise your lips, this lip balm also adjusts to your own pH level so you have your very own shade suited to your lips.

Lastly is the product which I'm most excited about receiving in my Birchbox this month, and that's the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm - I cannot believe I have received this! I've been using this to take my makeup off for the last 3 years so I'm super excited to have a mini version which is a perfect size to use when travelling away somewhere.

Overall, I've been impressed with September's Birchbox, there's some really good quality products in there and the collaboration with Oliver Bonas has provided a stunning box design - there's even some stickers in the box which have been designed by Oliver Bonas!

CarrieFi x

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Autumn/Winter ASOS and Boohoo Wishlist

As I'm writing this blog post right now - I couldn't feel more autumnal if I tried! It's cold, and there's a slightly cool breeze outside, it looks grey and there's a few orange leaves on the ground. I feel like it's finally time to pull out the warmer clothes from storage. Saying that, I also feel like my autumn/winter wardrobe could be refreshed somewhat too and there's been some bits and pieces which have caught my eye - particularly on the ASOS and Boohoo websites. So without further ado, take a look at what's on my fashion Wishlist for this autumn/winter!

Firstly, can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the Maya Petite Bell Sleeve Mini Dress? It's slightly pricey at £88, however it looks stunning and the colour is absolutely perfect for this season. I feel like this would be a dress perfect for the Christmas festivities and I know it would make me feel like million dollars!

I've also got a couple of accessories on my Wishlist - the Ted Baker Curved Bow Leather Bracelet looks amazing! I'm not normally a fan of having jewellery on my wrists/arms however I feel like this would be comfortable to wear and it just looks so adorable with the bow on the front - I love it! It's priced at £35 which I don't think is too bad. Another piece of jewellery on my Wishlist is the Coast Pearl Necklace which is also priced at £35. I've really got into pearls recently - I love the look of pearls on jewellery, it looks so elegant!

Another accessory is the Oversized Square Tweed Scarf from ASOS priced at £18. I found this while trying to look for a tartan scarf. I love the pattern of the tweed and also how cosy the scarf itself looks, it looks like it can double up as a blanket too which is perfect for those chilly days ahead!

I've been thinking about footwear too, and I came across the ALEXUS Suede Ankle Boots from ASOS, these are £42. I was looking for a pair of tan ankle boots at the start of this year, however I never managed to find a pair I liked before spring/summer arrived. I love the design of these boots especially with the buckle going round the outside of the boot.

One of my favourite outfits at the moment is a blue denim shirt with a black top and either black jeans/leggings. However, the denim shirt which I currently own has seen better days and is starting to feel slightly tight when I wear it. I found the ASOS Denim Boyfriend Shirt in Anouki Mid Stonewash Blue for £15 and is currently the sale! I love the fact that the shirt is a longline shirt so it's not too short.

Going back to accessories again, I'm really loving the look of pom beanies! They look so comfy and I feel like they would keep your head feeling nice and warm on cold days but they also look quite cute too. I really like the look of the Barbour Ribbed Knitted Beanie which is slightly pricey at £26.95 or the cheaper ASOS Cable Pom Beanie at £12. A pom beanie is definitely an investment I'm looking to make this season!

I'm also really getting into denim too, and I love the ASOS Denim Smock Shirt Dress at £35. I'm thinking to pair this with a pair of tights and maybe the ALEXUS ankle boots for a cosy outfit!

Another pattern that I'm starting to get into is stripes - they look so effortlessly chic. I particularly like the ASOS Stripe T-Shirt in Baby Loop Back at £18. This can make a really casual outfit with a pair of blue jeans and some high top converse.

Aside from some great pieces from ASOS, Boohoo have also caught my eye with their autumn/winter range. It's so important to keep warm and I feel like the Emma Parka in Black for £45 looks like it will do this with it's faux fur hood. I just love the look of this!

Last but not least on my Wishlist is the Camilla Wide Sleeve Oversized Jumper for £20. I have so many jumpers as it is, but I love the style of this jumper and it looks so comfy!

I hope you've enjoyed looking through this Wishlist! Let me know what's on your fashion Wishlist for the coming months?

CarrieFi x

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

September Beauty Wishlist!

I'm back with September's instalment of my beauty wishlist; it's now nearly officially autumn, which I cannot believe! This month's wishlist has a good mix of makeup and skincare and I'm so excited to share it with you.

This month I'm craving so many Charlotte Tilbury items, I love Charlotte's products anyway but there's a few which have really caught my eye and have made their way on to my wishlist. The first product is a liquid lipstick from the new Hollywood Lips range in the colour 'Charlotte Darling'. It's a beautiful nude colour which just looks so flattering.

I also really really want to try the Magic Cream, I've heard so much about this and how good it is. The only thing that's held me back from buying it for so long is the price tag; however I feel that if it is worth the price, it may be worth it?

The last Charlotte Tilbury item on my wishlist is the Airbrush Flawless Finish powder. I've struggled for so long to find a setting powder I really like, mainly because I find a lot them very heavy and can cause a slightly cakey look which I'm not a fan of! The Airbrush Flawless powder is said to be super light so it's not as full on on your face like other setting powders.

The Soap and Glory Puffy Eye Attack Under-Eye Brightening Hydrogel Patches have also been included in September's wishlist. I've seen these around a lot lately and they look good. I feel like these would be amazing to use if you're feeling a bit tired and run down to pep your eyes up again.

Recently I watched Stephanie Lange's video on how to glam yourself up when you're sick. This really resonated with me at the time because I had a cold too and really felt like my appearance had taken a beating during that. Once of the product's Stephanie used was the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream. I am so glad that this product has been bought to my attention, because when you have a cold and you're continuously blowing your nose, it tends to get a bit red and no amount of makeup will make it look better. I don't plan on getting another cold anytime soon, however, I feel like this is a good product to own to combat any redness I may have on my face.

The last few items on my wishlist for this month are all from Lush! Lush is my absolute favourite for bath and body products; however I've now run out of the many products I had accumulated over Christmas last year so it's time for a re-stock! First of all, I have placed the Twilight bath bomb and shower gel on my wishlist. I love the scent of these and it is super relaxing and calming - perfect for a pre-bedtime soak in the bath.

The Butterball bath bomb is one of my favourite bath bombs because it's so good for your skin and always leaves me feeling soft after I've used it. Lastly, I've added the Ickle Baby Bot to my wishlist. I know this is aimed at kids but it just looks so cute, and I like the fact that it's relaxing before bedtime and is good for sensitive skin.

I hope you've enjoyed this month's wishlist!

CarrieFi x

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

L'Oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Face Mask Review

There's nothing more I love at the weekend than spending my afternoon having a pamper session. I'm talking candles, Youtube and a load of beauty products.

As part of a pamper session I like to relax with a face mask and recently I picked up one of the L'Oreal Pure Clay face masks. There's six different types of masks to choose from in the Pure Clay range - designed to suit a multitude of different skin types. As I have also discovered, there's even a multi-masking play kit on sale to enable you to mix together the different face masks in the range.

The Pure Clay mask I chose was the Blemish Rescue face mask, which is designed for blemish and spot prone skin as the ingredients in the mask work on unclogging the pores. This mask is a shimmery blue colour and feels quite thick so a little bit definitely goes a long way with this.

Top: Packaging which the mask is sold in
Bottom: Jar which the mask is contained in

I place the mask all over my face and then leave it to dry for about 15-20 which gives me enough time to perch myself on my comfy bed, and watch a Youtube video or two while I wait for the mask to dry out on my face.

Excuse my slightly disheveled look - this was post exercise!

Once the mask has dried and I can no longer move my face, I rinse it off with a clean flannel and some warm water. One thing I have noticed with the mask is that I have had a few blemishes/spots come up after I have used it, however this is due to the impurities being drawn out of my face by the product, which shows that it does definitely work!

Another thing to note about this is that I really like the smell of it! I feel like it smells really fresh which is perfect for relaxing and making you feel like your skin is really clean.

Overall I really like this face mask, for the price of it (£7.99) I feel that it is absolutely worth the price and is of brilliant quality considering that it is essentially a high street product. I'm impressed with the  results on my skin after using the mask and feel that it has almost certainly cleared up some of the blockages in my pores and has left me with more glowy skin. Well done L'Oreal!

Let me know if you have tried any of the face masks from the L'Oreal Pure Clay range, and what you think of them? I'd love to know!

CarrieFi x

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Birchbox August 2017

I'm back with a look at August's Birchbox. This months Birchbox theme was mermaid vibes therefore the box is a beautiful scaley/mermaid design, and the products which have been included in the box are picked with the mermaid theme in mind.

The first product in my Birchbox for August is the A05 brush from Spectrum in the colour 'Bomb Shell" which is a two toned pink shade - I love it. This brush is suitable for contouring with it's angled brush shape and I know I will make a lot of use out of this.

I also received a eyeshadow stick from the brand LOC. The shade is called 'Rock Steady' which is a shimmery brown shade and will be perfect for creating an easy smokey eye look.

The next product in my Birchbox was from a haircare brand called N4 and is a Sugar Texturing Spray. This will be a good product for helping to create and enhance beachy waves in my hair.

The penultimate item in my box is from Nuxe and is their Huile Prodigieuse multi purpose oil. I've heard a lot about this product, and what's great is that you can use this on your hair, body and face. From what I've seen it gives you a lovely golden glow.

Lastly, I received a small sample of the Vita Coco Coconut Oil. This is a product that I already use anyway, I religiously use this once a week as a hair mask before washing my hair. I absolutely love this product and swear by it as it's not just hair you can use it for. I was chuffed to bits to find this in my Birchbox this month!

I hope you enjoyed looking at what was in my Birchbox this month!

CarrieFi x


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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Stips Review

Today I have another review for you all! In this post I will be reviewing the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Nose Strips.

I've wanted to try using Pore Strips for some time now because I feel that my pores are extremely blocked and would like to un-block them if possible! Finding Pore Strips that I wanted to try was such a hard choice, I did think about using the Biore Pore Strips but I was so spoilt for choice that I just went for the ones that caught my eye first, and they just happened to be the Boots ones.

The Boots Pore Strips I bought contain Tea Tree and Witch Hazel and also Charcoal to help draw out deep down impurities & excess oil. The process of using the Pore Strips comes in to different stages and two different Pore Strips essentially.

Step 1 involves washing your face prior to placing the strip on your nose, it's important that your nose is slightly damp and has had heat directed to it otherwise the strip simply will not stick, which is one of the teething issues I have faced using this product. Once the strip is on your nose it must be left there for about 15-20 minutes to allow for the Pore Strip to draw out the dirt. Me personally, whenever I have used these Pore Strips and I have removed them I haven't had much come out of my pores which is extremely disappointing given that I did expect more.

After following the first step my nose felt a little icky from having the strip on my nose so it's good to clean the excess off. It's then that you should use the second Pore Strip in the pack for 30 minutes on your nose which is meant to moisturise your nose as the first Pore Strip can really dry your skin out which feels unpleasant. However I found the second one really hard to keep on my nose and for me, it just kept falling off which was a bit of a pain so I tend not to use this.

Overall if I'm going to summarise this product, then I would say that actually I'm not blown away by it. While the idea is good and gives you the hope of removing the blackheads from your nose, the reality is very different, and for me it just hasn't worked. I would perhaps like to try the Biore Pore Strips and see if they are any better, but I do wonder if any of these Pore Strips work and is it all just a hype instead? I'm not sure, but I am keen to keep exploring!

Please let me know if you have tried Pore Strips, what your opinion is, and what one's you think may be the best - I'd love to know!

CarrieFi x

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